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What is Tyre Pressure?

The pressure of your tyres is calculated by figuring out the amount of air that has been pumped into the inside lining of your tyres in BAR pressure.

It is important that every car has accurate tyre pressure because of safety. Having wrong tyre pressure and driving with your tyres underflated can cause them to overheat, whilst driving with overflated tyres can cause major problems with your steering. You could be fined £2,500 per tyre if they are over or under-inflated enough to be considered un-roadworthy.

How do I ensure my Tyre pressure is accurate?

You can see the details of your tyre pressure accuracy in your car manual. The information might also be marked on the inside of the car. If not, you can always call us and we will assist you. Generally wo different pressures are given - one is for driving with a laden vehicle (with several people or heavy items on board) and the other is for 'normal' driving conditions.

To check the current pressure, you will need a gauge. You can either buy one from us or use a digital air dispenser - most supermarket garages and petrol stations have one.





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